Welcome to the College Democrats News Service

Progressives, liberals and free-thinkers have been silent for far too long.  Our country is the greatest country in the world, of that there can be no doubt.  However, our country is in the middle of a fight for its very survival, with a core group of extremist, right-wing radicals intent upon destroying everything that has pushed our country forward for the last 80 years, all in the name of “limited government.”

This push for so-called “limited government” comes from the few wealthiest individuals in the nation, and is largely bankrolled by billionaires hiding behind secretive, and ultimately malicious, political shadow groups like Crossroads GPS and the supporters behind the likes of Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann.  It is these same groups that are working everyday to end the minimum wage, ensuring that millions of Americans will suffer in their living standards at the hands of corporate and Wall Street greed.  It is also these very same groups that seek to limit restrictions on what people can do in the privacy of their homes, specifically citing the right to regulate whom they can marry, in the name of “limited government.”  Finally, these very same groups are the ones who explicitly call for further regression in our tax system, so that the wealthiest few will pay less in taxes than the poor, ending any chance of continuing to further or even retain the social mobility our nation has prided itself on for the last century as the land of opportunity.

In reality, there is much to fight for, and the juncture our country stands at deserves nothing less than everyone’s attention, and everyone’s input.  The average American, if asked, approves of every single individual measure of the Affordable Care Act passed by President Obama and a Democratic Congress at the start of his term.  Yet, when asked about the bill as a whole, the entirety of America disagrees with it.  How can this be?  The answer is simple, as progressives and liberals, we are losing the war of words with a group of people so bent on destroying every ounce of progress our country has made that they will say anything to convince people of their cause.  No longer can we stand by, silencing our voice and our right as Americans.

Thus, this news service was born.  The UMKC College Democrats pledge to stand with the rest of America, protecting the poor, the hungry, the young, the old, the working and the disenfranchised in our fight to keep our country moving forward every day.  We will do this by having our voice heard, and by having our voice broadcast, for the entire country to see.  If you agree, keep reading.  If you don’t, keep reading too, there is no one in this organization afraid of the opinions of others.  Ample room for cooperation exists within our government, as it is the principal our government was founded on, and when reasonable, cooperative ideas are floated, I assure you we will be the first to respond enthusiastically.

However, we will not stand silently while Republicans in the Senate and House continue to say that their only plan and agenda is to ensure that President Obama only serves one term.  In no way does that help our country, our unemployed, our poor or our hungry.  In no way does that lack of cooperation and dedication keep our schools running and our teachers paid.  Nor does it keep our firefighters and police on the streets, and nor does it help us put out of work Americans back into jobs or in job training they will need to keep themselves- and our country- on the cutting edge of the new world economy.  If blocking every proposal without effort to cooperate, find middle ground or keep what is best for America in mind is what the far right calls “cooperation” or “bipartisanship,” then we will be more than happy to continue to stand for what is right, what is just, and what is equitable for all of America.  If the best that comes out of that is the awareness of more Americans of what the stakes are in the fight for our future, then we have accomplished more than we could ever hope.

I hope you enjoy this site, it is the product of the hard work of many of the brightest new minds of the future of our country, and we hope you join us in fighting for our futures too.


Mike Hardin
Chairman Emeritus, UMKC College Democrats